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Project Management
At TCA we recognise that rapid advances in technology have resulted in a gradual fragmentation of construction professionals. Sound management therefore implies a strong integrating role. This is the role of the Project Manager.

TCA would employ a management approach to the execution of the project. The idea is that rather than waits until problems occur (and they are bound to occur) we employ a proactive stance that looks into possible areas of differentiation and then prepares the required procedures. Therefore risk analysis and management are given proper attention.

For purposes of clarity and proper definition, our project administration procedures are broken into three broad phases:
a. Pre-construction
b. Construction
c. Post-construction (After care)

In order to properly define our management strategy, the pre-construction phase is further divided into four parts:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Procurement

Right from when works start on site, TCA’s team of Project Manager, Project Architect, Technical Manager, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer and Structural Engineer would be on hand to ensure that the highest quality standards are adhered to.

The success of the construction phase is directly tied to the quality of the tender documents. Hence, all these are well prepared and checked against a standard checklist.

Furthermore, the construction programme is prepared and agreed with both client and contractor before works commence on site. It is thus used as the control document with critical paths. Each sub-contractor knows when he is expected to come in. All this must be reflected in the programme.

During construction, TCA’s multi-disciplined force would bring to bear its experience and expertise in ensuring that only the best is obtained. In addition, all shop drawings and submittals from contractors are vetted so that they meet the required standard. On completion and before handover, we also ensure that as-built drawings are prepared and issued to the client.

Post-Construction (After Care)
TCA advises clients on the need to ensure that contractors include a maintenance period in their contracts, over and above the defects liability period, if necessary.

Furthermore, we maintain a long-standing relationship with discerning clients to ensure that a proper building maintenance service is given to them. We are in a position to visit a completed project, at the request of our client and to prepare a schedule for repair works, and make recommendations to affect the required works.

Quality Assurance/Quality Management
TCA’s quality systems are spread over the two basic phases of a project. During design, QA is ensured primarily by the caliber (qualifications and experience) of personnel on a project and in the work method utilised. By applying the latest concept of value engineering and regular design reviews, QM during design is ensured. We also make use of checklists, programmes and flow charts to ensure the smooth running of projects.

The QA/QM concept is carried through to the construction phase where contractors are subjected to pre-qualification interviews before allowing them to submit bids. All submittals and shop drawings are also presented for scrutiny.

On-site supervision is provided by regular site meetings and on-site staff made up of a resident architect, clerk of works and other necessary technical staff. HQ staff always reinforces these as and when necessary.

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